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 Posted: Sat Dec 23rd, 2006 06:10 am
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We traipsed all over Vicksburg and never once was the idea of visiting a casino entertained. Don't recollect anyone at the hotel or walks mentioning the casinos. We stood on that hill and looked at one for quite some time. Nobody went that I know of. Casinos can be fun, we've been to three and for the gdaughter's 21st birthday, gramma and an aunt and maybe the mom are going to treat her to a visit and maybe show her how bleary gramma and auntie can get. Haven't seen where casinos promote attendance. Winchell claimed that the introduction of casinos didn't hurt the park. I 'spose he is correct in that observation. I couldn't put myself in the place of the guy who will bring his family to tour the park and put his time in the casino. Doesn't quite factor. Just a thought.


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