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 Posted: Fri Jan 5th, 2007 12:53 am
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I moved from Simi Valley, California recently.  High atop a hill there, overlooking the Simi and Thousand Oaks Valleys, sits a multi million dollar library and memorial for the former President Ronald Reagan.  I have visited on many occasions.  Some visits were to see artifacts and collectibles of his he had collected over the years, other times to view an exhibit that happened to be there.  And also other times just to enjoy the view.  His burial spot is on prime California soil.  A chunk of the Berlin Wall sits directly north of where he is buried.  There are many statues of him on site.  A beautiful bronze of him in his Hollywood glory days greets you at the entrance.  The library in my mind represents so much of him.  He loved California.  And he is remembered there fondly.  In a long winded sort of way...I am fully agreeing with your concerns.  There is absolutly no reason to tear the statue down.  And thank you for bringing this person to light.


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