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 Posted: Fri Jan 5th, 2007 04:20 pm
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Fuller , King was a very young Unitian minster that came to California in 1860 to preach in San Francisco  He took up the cause of the Union in California.  He was said to be an impassioned speaker , that would hold people captive with his voice. 

California was a very divided state right before the war.  It actually was going to be two states , North and South Caliornia .  The state had actually voted to divide in half but Washington D.C. put a stop to it  Southern California would have gone Confederate most likely as there was very strong support for the southern cause.  Many that lived in the southern part of California were from the South.  Abraham Lincoln said he believed the Rev. Thomas Starr King was the person most responsible for keeping California in the Union during the early days of the Civil War.

King traveled up and down the state speaking for the Union and his given credit for helping to keep the state in the Union. 

He also covered the state speaking on behave of his good friend Leland Stanford for Governor of California 

he also helped organize and raise funds for the Sanitary Commision.  This took a toll on his frail body .  He became ill and died 1864 .  His funeral service was huge.  He also was a great naturalist.  A peak in the Sierras is named for him .  There are several schools in California named for him.   I just think it is a shame to delete him from the hall .especially after reading what some of the other state selections have done to be placed in the hall.  BUT it is each state's choice. 

A friend decided that statue should be returned to California and placed on the state legislators desk that introduced the bill and he be required to learn all he can about King.  The guy stated he introduced the bill as he didn't know anything about King . When offered information he didn't want any.  Just the kind of guy I want making decisions for me. 

I do like the idea of the statue on the guys desk.  Poetic justice. 


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