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 Posted: Fri Jan 5th, 2007 06:46 pm
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Going to be more purges then read the list and count how many ministers and priest are on the list and have statues in the hall .  Then to be PC all the Confederates would need to go.  Jefferson Davis represents Mississippi.  ( I am not encouraging this being a UDC member myself)  actually both UDC and DUV.  Many of the men have civil war or revolutionary connections .  Was interesting to read about the people from vairous states and why they are there . 

I remember when I was in Washington how excited I was to see California's statues.  I also loved wandering around the statues and seeing who was there.  That was back in the 70's .  That's when I learned about Thomas  Starr King first .  IJo wanted to know about the man who represented our state.  No doubt about who Father Serra was. 

There are other Californians that had a big impact on the state that I would rather see than Reagan,  Any of the Big Four or a combination statue of all of them would do .  Crocker , Huntington ,Stanford and Hopkins would be nice.  Earl Warren  John Muir , Sutter,  John Steinbeck,Eugene O Neil , Jack London,  even William Randoph Hearst.  So many to choose from .  Nixon and Reagan have their Library's  . 

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