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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2007 06:18 pm
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No offense taken, sir, ever at any time. 

I would contest the description of "Clap-trap", as this term generally means "Empy-talk" or " an insincere remark".  "Unadulterated & Aristocratic" I would not argue.

Certainly I have read Mr. Nolan's "Lee Considered", and fully appreciate the attempt to portray Robert E. Lee in more human and fallible terms. Yes, we have made of him a god.  Yes, we overlook his shortcomings and praise his successes.  I see nothing wrong with that.

Also, you refer to the "Lost Cause", which you yourself correctly defined as a political movement of the late 19th century.  Perhaps the attitudes I expressed do reflect those of that time, of making General Lee the perfect hero.

Honestly, I did not expect to be misunderstood - refering to the General as Marse Robert should convey to all the feelings of the speaker.   I say nothing here you have not heard or read before. I express no new ideas.

The South still worships at the altar of General Robert E. Lee ?  Alert the media !

I remain, sir,

yr obt svt,

JDC Duncan

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