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 Posted: Mon Jan 8th, 2007 04:37 pm
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but no confederate force capable of breaking such a sieze ever seriously attempted that feat. Aside from Johnston's timidity, Sherman's chasing him away from Jackson had a lot to do with it. Note: Grant did prepare for the off-chance that Johnston might come back.

It seems that you got the impression I was condemning Grant. Not at all. You and I are simply exploring a subject We're a half-mile off topic, but few are actively on topic, so I'd venture that a complaint can be registered by simply posting something that's on topic.

So, to be more clear on the matter, let me offer this: We can assume, as I do, that Grant would have done well on the defensive... but I don't think we have a battle that really illustrates this in the same way other Generals have. Apologies.You lost me here. Please rephrase and try again. Belay that, I think I got it. You're saying that we have only one example of Grant fighting on the defensive, whereas we have several examples of other generals' defensive work. But we can assume Grant would have handled himself well if he had an occasion to fight defensively. Is that right? If so, I agree. Grant made mistakes, but he accepted each one as a lesson. Which is not to say that Lee didn't learn from his.

So now we're back on topic. I can't assign better or best to one or the other -- they were different men in different circumstances. Grant was a perfect fit for what Lincoln wanted to accomplish. He took Lincoln's goals as his own and made them happen. Davis' strategy was flawed. Lee was therefore carrying a heavier burden than Grant. Maybe that makes Lee a better general? I do, however, fault Lee for not using his influence with Davis to focus on the west. It must have been clear that Lincoln intended to roll up the confederacy from the west. The trans-Mississippi was isolated. Kentucky, West Tennessee and Louisiana were essentially under Union control; Rosecrans is pushing Bragg around middle Tennessee; Grant was in Mississippi and moving on Vicksburg to open the river again; and Lee invades Pennsylvania with Davis' blessing. For me, it makes a comparison impossible.

Thanks, Orphan. I needed that.


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