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 Posted: Mon Jan 8th, 2007 09:32 pm
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I can't assign better or best to one or the other -- they were different men in different circumstances.

It is true that both Generals were operating in different circumstances, but the same can be said of any two Generals who faced each other I think. Comparing Grant and Lee's accomplishments and capabilities, while difficult, is far easier than most other comparisons. Corps commanders on down are very difficult because the success they achieve depends so much on their commanding officers capabilities.

Other comparisons can be even more difficult than that of corps or division commanders, however. For example, when asked who the best General of the Civil War was on both sides, Lee replied it was a man he had never met, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Now, how can you compare a cavaly commander with a major army commander? That is an example of different circumstances! I wouldn't even begin to try and draw comparisons between, say, Sherman and Forrest. Bobby Lee did it without hesitation.

Also, there was a poster who mentioned the idea that Lee was a chess player and Grant a poker player?  If I was forced to decide which game would best describe them,  I would reverse the labels.

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