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 Posted: Tue Jan 9th, 2007 09:50 pm
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Thanks Joe, I apparently did a poor job of posting a website on my answer.  Farragut is a real interest of mine.  He is such an ineresting character.   A friend even bought me a CDV of Farragut as a gift this past year.  You would have thought he bought me a piece of jewelry I was so excited. 

Side bar.  I bought a book for kids on the Civil War at the Nixon Library last week.  I buy books to donate to various library when I find them at a good price. Since it had a article on the Battle of Mobile Bay I read it before I planned to send it to my sister in law's library.  Well I am sure everyone would be amazed to know that Buchannan died in the Battle.  Makes me wonder how he became president of Maryland State Agricultural College after the war.

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