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 Posted: Wed Jan 10th, 2007 06:43 pm
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Ok this discussion is stimulating IMO Lee is the better strategist some of his battleplans are genius Grant was also a great Gen but, just beat Lee with superior forces but if they are equal HMM... that is a fight for one of them new history channel computer battle generations ... I would not want to see the outcome due to the losses of life. They are both superb Gen. but to say better well, one would usually sway with where your loyalties lie.  Comparing the to great Generals is like a musical Comparison of emm..... Elvis and Clapton both music greats but for different reasons.



Missouri, which just barely qualifies as southern (my favorite of all the states I've lived in, by the way),

Ole... As a Missourian you wound me sir!! Our fine state not southern???? Have you been to southern MO and I am talking south of Branson you are offered sweet tea vs. regular at a resturant can you get more southern than that? LOL :P

ESPECIALLY those that disagree with me. If everyone had said Lee was the superior General, I probably would have played the "devils advocate" and chosen Grant as the better of the two.

Kentucky.... You are a true debater  you debate just to be onery and the fun of it LOL are you related to my wife LOL:cool:

LOL sorry for bein a smarty must be the caffine high


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