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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 04:10 am
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I lke to read about Patrick Cleburne and David Farragut .  Cleburne because he was such a fierce fighter , but seems to have been a quiet shy man off the field, a loyal friend .  After reading Stonewall of the West I was hooked.  Farragut as he was older which I am now and thinking that he was in battle at this age amazes me.  He was such a strong personality I love picturing him climbing the rigging to get a better view at Mobile Bay. 

Battles all interest me but I am caught up in Franklin as it connects to Cleburne and because I had never heard of the battle til  two years ago so I have to make up time. 

The Civil War in the Far west interest me because I am first and foremost a Westerner.  I love the Battles in the West and then find out it is Tennessee.  Not what I am talking about .   How the war was handled in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Calififornia greatly interest me . 

I am most interested in personailties, and battles more than the political part of the war. 

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