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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 05:15 am
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I'm not sure I exactly have one particular favorite sunject about the war, though there are some things I do tend to look for more than others. Reproductions of period manuals, the naval war, books on cooking, and little tidbits not likely to be focussed on in most books concerning the war. Otherwise it's mostly whether or not it piques my intrest, which has resulted in the past in a couple of the ones I mentioned above.

Reproductions of period manuals I got into as one of those things that piqued my intrest when I came across one in the bookstore one day. It was one of those things where I decided to see what they were teaching the soldiers and could I maybe use it for exercise. The manual in question was McClellan's Manual of Bayonet Exercises (yes, I am refering to Gen. George McClellan) and at the time I'd been useing some moves for a long sword I'd discovered to exercise with. Kinda like aerobics. I thought the bayonet exercises might change things up a little.

At anyrate, from that manual I started picking up others less for the idea of exercise and more to see what instructions and other info were in them. You know, what words of "wisdom" were being given to the troops.

The naval war is more because most of the material I find deals mostly with the land war. Of course the land war is important, but sometimes it feels as if folks are being taught that the only naval action of the war was the Monitor and the Virginia, with some focus being placed on the Hunley. So for me it's intresting to see what was going on naval wise.

Cookbooks came about from a desire to understand a little about life at the time. Obviously this tends to be more something I'd look for in the cooking section in most bookstores, and when I can find it it's more often than not something that's not Civil War specific. But it's still helpful as not only does it include recipies, but sometimes home remdies for sickness and advice for housemakers.

As for the tidbits, it's again something that I got into because of a book that piqued my intrest. So I like to look for books that have material that might not be focused on very much, if at all, in most books about the war. Things like soldiers ages, counterfiting, things that might have encouraged soldiers to join the war, etc.

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