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 Posted: Fri Jan 12th, 2007 12:20 am
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Favorite Civil War Subject and Why?   Less than a year ago I went from knowing almost nothing about the Civil War (and not really caring), to being intensely interested in a lot of parts of the War--even to the events leading up to it and afterward.  So, I've asked myself many, many times...Why?   How did it captivate me so much and, specifically, why some parts more than others ?  And why some people more than others ?   I took a couple of days to answer this post because I wanted to think about it I share what I have decided are the choices and reasons.  Seems that the battles that interest me the most (I'm still doing a lot of reading about all of the battles, though) are the ones that took place on land that I have now actually visited.  I think it's the connection I feel to those battles having personally been where they happened.  The strategy/tactics end doesn't really interest me, and interestingly, I've never taken a strong liking to games that require it either, like chess.  Maybe I'm more of a right-brained person ?  And, although I like and admire a lot of the people in the Civil War era, I do find myself strangely drawn to a certain few.  I may be forgetting some, but the ones who come to mind right now are Abraham Lincoln, "Stonewall" Jackson, James Longstreet, John Buford, John Reynolds, Ulysses Grant, and John Brown.  I think because of my own life experiences, I am attracted to the people who experienced pain, heartbreak, hardships, and loss in their lives and still conducted themselves bravely and with dignity and self-respect and were able to take strong stands on issues and continue to act according to their values without wavering.  (Although Buford and Brown and Reynolds-I don't think-had the tough experiences some of the others did, but I see Buford and Reynolds as men of honor who I thank God were in the right place at the right time at Gettysburg and Brown-regardless of the violence-thank God did something drastic about slavery.)  I also really like the cavalry because I love horses and horseback riding, and like the sharpshooters because I took riflery classes at summer camp and loved it.  (Just fake targets, though)   Oh, and I really like the daring Harriet Tubman, too, what a story there !!! 

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