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 Posted: Mon Jan 15th, 2007 04:38 am
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I've been away from this board for a few days, I've been feverishly tracing down a collateral relative, William Stroud of the 6th Alabama; I have discovered proof that he did not return from Gettysburg. I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ole:  Texas, sir, in my belief, was settled and built by Southern men who became arrogant and drunk on the size and power of this land.  They have lost many of the things that I hold to be "Southern" in manner and tradition, but there is still a very deep Southern undercurrent, even way out here on the Staked Plains. (My biggest complaint, which I will continue to voice until my dying day, is that Texas men will not remove their hats (or John Deere caps) inside; even in church.  In Arkansas, eventually, someone, most likely a lady, would say "You gonna wear that in here ?")

On the topic of "marse", I will post a private message to you concerning this term, which, in its usage towards General Lee, which is indeed an honorific.  I will not create any more controversy on this thread that I already have.

Also, sir, I have discovered another definition of "clap-trap" : "Cheap, showy sentiment".  I would be hard-pressed to defend my previous elocutions on the nobility of the Good General if this definition is allowed.  I apologize, sir.

To the Good Doctor: Hurrah for Virginia, sir! I myself have deep roots, as far as I know now to Miss Jane Braswell, born North Carolina, 1650. I have yet to find record of her parents, but God willing ...

I am tempted to post a lenghty reponse, but I will refrain.  Perhaps "worshipping at the alter of Robert E. Lee" is a bit strong language, "clap-trap", if you will. Again, my apologies, and you are quite correct, sir, I should never presume to speak for all Southerners. (I hear some even opposed secession.)  However, as I am sure you know, several Southern States, including my previous home of Arkansas, will tomorrow celebrate a State Holiday legally known as "Martin Luther King / Robert E. Lee Birthday(s)"

Even out here on the uncivilized Frontier, there are a number of elementary and secondary schools with the name "Robert E. Lee" in San Angelo and Midland-Odessa.  The county seat of Coke county, to the north, is Robert Lee.  This part of Texas honored the General for his service to Texas at Fort Mason, to the east of here, before the War.

On the general topic, I stand by my statement - I believe that Grant was the better general.  Perhaps instead of "Better Man", I will say that General Lee was the better soldier, in conduct and decorum.

And Mr. Ole, sir, I ask you - who you would more wish a daughter to marry ?

yr obt svt,

JDC Duncan


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