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 Posted: Wed Jan 17th, 2007 03:59 am
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An article at Wikipedia states that it "is probable" that Johnston was killed by Confederate fire as no Union forces were close enough at that moment.  It also says his wound was to the polipital artery, not a vessel as Woodworth states in his book.

I'll go along with Wikipedia in that it "is probable" that Johnston was hit by his own troops. I would have to question that there were no Union forces close enough to do it. They were close enough that his brigade commanders couldn't get their troops moving to attack, so he chose to lead the attack.

The trouble with Wikipedia is that one cannot be certain how authentic such details are. But for what it is worth someone at Wikipedia has stated the possibility of Johnston's having been hit by a fellow Confederate. I do think the hit to the artery makes more sense than one to a vessel.

Quite right. You can't take Wikipedia information to the bank. It's a good place to start, though. FYI, veins and arteries are both "vessels."  Woodworth was avoiding specificity by saying "vessel" rather than putting another hour or two into naming the artery when it would add nothing to the story.


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