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 Posted: Wed Jan 17th, 2007 06:35 am
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Great to get things rolling!

I have to refer back to the official records of Col. William Preston..."the artery of his left leg having been severed by a ball.  He was also struck by two other balls, and his horse was wounded twice."  We know the bottom of his boot was thrashed as was several places on his uniform.  That hit on his boot could have also struck his horse, causing it to become uncontrolable.  I'm not so certain that his horse was hit first the more I think about it.  I say this because of first hand accounts that state he simply slumped in his saddle.  One second he was giving orders, the next he knew his wound was serious.  None of the accounts mention his horse bucking in pain.  Preston (Johnston's bro in law) more or less stated he just happened to look over and see Fire Eater had been wounded.  The positioning of his wound is what makes me wonder...


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