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 Posted: Wed Jan 17th, 2007 03:38 pm
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When a commander selects a horse from his string to ride into battle, he picks the one that doesn't spook. It is, therefore (to my mind, at least) not very likely that Fire Eater acted badly. Just a thought.

And as an aside: Sherman regularly kept four horses. One was his favorite for a comfortable ride; one was steady in the face of noise and fire; the other two were presumably occasionally used to relieve his favorite.

As another aside: A long, long time ago I read an amusing anecdote about a general and his horse during (I think) the Penninsula Campaign. It seems that the horse had the annoying habit of turning his back to the battle. So the general, naturally desiring to direct the battle while facing it, would reverse himself in the saddle. The mental image automatically returns to that general whenever a discussion turns to horses.:D


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