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 Posted: Wed Jan 17th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Stacy Allen said the same thing -- that Johnston thought the yanks were lined up north to south and facing west. That would validate Johnston's plan, but.... They were known to be on the way to Coringh; why on earth would he expect the yanks to be facing west? True, Grant and Sherman were apprehensive of Confederate activity in the west, but would Johnston have known that? Perhaps he had spies that told him, but wouldn't the spies have also told him of the dispositions to date? Sherman was about the first to deploy and he was definitely east/west and facing south (with most of one brigade watching the Owl Creek bridge). If he also knew Lew Wallaces disposition, he would likely not have known McClernand's, Hurlbut's, and WHL Wallace's positions as they arrived later. (Assumption: I know they arrived well after Sherman, and am basing the assumption that Johnston was making his plans before their positions were taken up.)

Back to Johnston's fatal wound: I had understood a bullet "nicked" the back of Johnston's knee (tore the artery) inplying that the bullet had not been found. If a bullet entered behind the knee, it must have been spent or it would of purt near tore his leg off -- notwithstanding a numbness in the leg, he'd have felt the blow. Given the range of a .577 minie, it would therefore seem unlikely to have come from his own troops.

And on to the horse: Even if Fire Fly had been steady as a boulder, Johnston would have been wheeling right and left and rearward while exhorting the troops to follow him. Given that excited troops are prone to error, it remains that Yanks would be more inclined to shoot in his general direction than Confederates.


A tourniquet most certainly would have saved him. The problem is, he was apparently unaware of the wound or it's gravity until it was too late. If he knew where it was, he was apparently unable to communicate with those who laid him out to search for the wound which was, meanwhile, pumping the last pints out of him.

Great discussion, folks. Thank you.


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