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 Posted: Thu Jan 18th, 2007 07:02 pm
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If no Yankee unit was near enough to be shooting, then what were the Confedrates shooting at??

You are right, there were plenty of Union troops within range, to name a few, the 12th illinois, 9th Illinois, 41st Illinois and the 28th Illinois. There were several other units in range, these were just the closest with a direct line of fire. The chaplain of the 9th Illinois, Marion Morrison, was in the battle but i don't know if he picked up a rifle or not. Just imagine, Johnston could have been killed by John Wayne's grandpa. :shock:


Besides the tourniquit two other items were found in Johnston's pocket. One was the key to his room in "Rose Cottage" the Corinth home of Captain William Inge (Inge was a staff officer in Clark's division) which he was using as his headquarters prior to the battle. The other item was half of a sandwich. On the 4th of April as he was preparing to leave for Tennessee, Johnston was stopped by Mrs. Inge who offered him two sandwiches and a piece of cake. Johnston refused the offer telling her, "We soldiers travel light." When his back was turned she slipped the items into his pocket not knowing that in 4 days she and her neighbor Ellen Polk would be preparing his body for the trip home to Texas.

Tom (calcav)

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