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 Posted: Fri Jan 19th, 2007 01:45 pm
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Hellcat wrote: Ok, I'm being a little lazy here and not fetching some of my resources on this one (probably end up doing so after I post this). But I've got to ask what were the ranges of the rifles during the war? Cause I'm looking back on my first in this thread and saying to myself that even if Johnston was about 500 yards from Union soldiers he should still have been within range, even if it were just sharpshooters. Now I haven't been entirely lazy on this one as I have been looking up info on hand weapons online. One of the sites I've found so far on the subject,, gives me some idea. Especially when it comes to weapons that were probably given to sharpshooters more often than "standard" infantry. But I'd think even standard infantry soldiers would have been able to hit the general  at that kind of ranges.

ASJ was not in front of sharpshooters when he was shot; but he was in front of men who knew how to shoot (both sides of the line).  With either an Enfield or M1861 a man sized target at 400 yards is not a problem for a man who knows how to shoot... a man on a horse would have been easier still.  The bullets fired from either weapon mentioned are still quite lethal at well over a mile.

I tend to prefer Sword's research and opinion of the matter.  Simply becasue of his copious knowledge and research of the subject.

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