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 Posted: Fri Jan 19th, 2007 07:50 pm
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susansweet posted this in a thread about repeating carbines.

Makes me think of a question to ask everyone .  Which Civil War personality would you most like to have a conversation with and what would you ask them ?  I am still trying to think of which one I would want to talk to, actually I know who I would like to talk to but not sure what question I would ask. 

Confederate it would have to be Cleburne or Stuart.  I hink I would ask Cleburne being an Irishman that had only lived in the United States for less than 15 years why did he chose to fight and fight on the side of the South.   I think I would ask Stuart about the Ride around the Union army.

Union , I would talk to Kit Carson (remember I am a westerner )  I would talk to him about the Long Walk.

In reply to her excellent question, I would like to talk to John Buford.  My first question would be why he didn't take better care of himself during those last few months after Gettysburg.  Then about the Mormon Expedition, and his adventures in Wyoming.  Besides, he was the handsomest hunk on both sides.  I would glady spend time with him.  :=))

On the gray and butternut side, I believe Joe Johnston would have a lot to say.  I admire him because he was given impossible assignments and then was blamed when they didn't succeed.  His relations with Davis would be good for, oh, a whole afternoon.

When you talk to Kit, ask him if he minded that Fremont got all the credit as the "Pathfinder."  It was Kit, after all, who guided Fremont's expeditions.  One expedition Fremont made without Kit, and he got himself lost in the mountains.  So much for the Pathfinder.  I think that even with a GPS, Fremont could get lost.  And, being a guy with HIS attitude, he wouldn't ask for directions.  Another :=))


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