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 Posted: Sat Jan 20th, 2007 05:08 am
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I found two quotes in American's Civil War from 1991 when I was cataloging them for the Drum Barracks.  I have been sharing the quotes with friends so friends here hey are .  They were both from an article abou the North Carolinia Junior Reserves , 17 year olds that were enlisted at the end of the war .  They fought bravely at Bentonville but were still 17 year olds

First one :  " An officer found one of the boys with an unexplored shell between his knees , trying to exract the powder.   When he was reprimanded for endangering himself and ohers He responded. . . "I ain't skeered of he damn things when they're coming at me though the air and I know I ain't skeered of 'em when I got 'em in my hands.:

Second quote  or more story.  After the surrender  the boys realized the war was over for them  but they talked of going to Mexico together.  "An indication of of the desperation felt by the youths is exemplified by an incident that occurred as they crossed the swollen Haw River.  One of the smaller boys went under the water, and a bigger comrade pulled him out.  He went under again, and still a third time.  His friends assumed he was attempting suicide , but on being questioned he answered , "My gun's down there, and I been trying to git hit."

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