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   Farragut's actual quote was: "Damn the torpedoes, four bells. Captain Drayton, go ahead. Jouett, full speed."

   Captain Drayton commanded Farragut's flagship, the HARTFORD. Jouett commanded the METACOMET, which was lashed to the HARTFORD. Farragut's ships had entered in columns, with the fourteen wooden ships linked in pairs on the left, and the monitors in column led by the TECUMSEH (Captain Craven) on the right.

   The lead wooden ship, the BROOKLYN (Captain Alden) spotted the floating torpedoes and slowed its advance. This backed up the column and prompted Farragut's decision to take the lead with his flagship. Thus, he told Drayton and Jouett to go to full speed so that he could pass the BROOKLYN and lead the way. The admiral climbed the rigging so that he could see over the thick clouds of smoke and direct his column.

   To his right, Captain Craven was anxious to engage Buchanan's flagship, the CSS TENNESSEE. When he set a more direct course to do so, he passed on the wrong side of a bouy and thus entered the field of floating torpedoes, causing the disaster that took 93 lives, including his.

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