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 Posted: Tue Nov 15th, 2005 09:29 am
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My mom had a grandfather (well, at least one anyway that I'm aware of) who fought during the war. Years ago she had the paperwork for his birth and death and some of his military career. Before you ask which side, Confederate. The problem is that someone took that paperwork (and from the sounds of it, it could have been one of her cousins or aunts or uncles as there are a few she has made clear in the past she doesn't like or trust) so she's no longer able to check it and be sure of everything on it. She's pretty sure he fought with the 6th Alabama, though the question I have isn't about his service. Rather, he was supposed to have been wounded during a battle and carried the bullet around for the rest of his life (she's pretty certain he died 1905 and had been born 1844). The battle is one I've been having trouble trying to find out about. She says that the paperwork said he was injured at the Battle of Cold Creek. Can anyone tell me anything about this? Was it another name for some other battle? A minor skrimish? What?


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