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 Posted: Sat Feb 3rd, 2007 06:23 am
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Kent, did you get a page that says FortuneCity in the upper left preceeded by what looks like half a gear and three dots with a narrow brown bar immediately beneath that also says FortuneCity on the left? Below this should be a tannish-beige bar that looks three times wider than the brown one saying "This site is hosted for free by FortuneCity" and there's an orange box saying "Skip the Ad." Below all this is some kind of an ad, probably for Vonage.

Anyway, if you got that page hit "Skip the Ad," that should take you to an alpahbetical listing of battles with P marked by an asterick since all the battles on the page begin with P. Hitting home at the bottom means doing it all over again. The site still exsists, it's just you can't use it easily without having to go through blasted ad pages to get anywhere.

Used to be a lot easier to use the site as I never had to go through all the ad pages. Ads on the various pages and pop-ups would be the most annoying thing to deal with. Now it takes a bit longer to get to a particular battle as you're probably looking at having to deal with at least two different ad pages before you finally reach the page you want. Makes it a tremendous pain to look at multiple battles, but if you don't mind dealing with the problems you can at least find some OoBs


Anyway, this is the link to the homepage itself:

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