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 Posted: Mon Feb 12th, 2007 04:32 am
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64thNYDrummer wrote: According to Krick's Staff Officers in Gray, pages 213-214 Peyton Manning was on Longstreet's staff for most of the war. Krick says he was a little man not weighing over 100 pounds, and was famous for inserting himself into the front lines. Could this little man be an ancestor of a 6ft.3in. 230 pound Quarterback?

Dennis Conklin


Not sure if he is related to him, but I do know on a recent edition of Civil Talk Radio, Historian Pete Carmichael stated that he was named after the Peyton Manning on Longstreet's Staff.

Check out Harry Smeltzer's CW Blog, which can be found at

The entry that pertains to your question was posted on 2-3-2007.

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Steve Basic

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