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 Posted: Thu Feb 22nd, 2007 07:57 pm
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OK first I would not want to compare the men that fought for the Confederacy to the insurgents in Iraq, who are cowards, that rarley face our forces in what some would be called a legit battle and target civilians without concern. Also I would not compare a man dying to puttin a pair of painties on thier head , IMO the terriost in Iraq are just that and don't deserve to be treated as soilders, Reminds me of how the Guerillas under the black flag were treated, but i'm raving here.

Second when General order # 143, Creation of U.S. Colored Troops 1863 was announced by the the Federal Gov. which as another poster stated put what most southerners considered as property in battle with them ,thier reprisal was a Confed. General order ( I could not find the Number ) but to quote "The black troops, however, faced greater peril than white troops when captured by the Confederate Army. In 1863 the Confederate Congress threatened to punish severely officers of black troops and to enslave black soldiers."

So the Union Gov. responds by issuing:

"As a result, President Lincoln issued General Order 233, threatening reprisal on Confederate prisoners of war (POWs) for any mistreatment of black troops. Although the threat generally restrained the Confederates, black captives were typically treated more harshly than white captives. In perhaps the most heinous known example of abuse, Confederate General Nathan B. Forrest shot to death black Union soldiers captured at the Fort Pillow, TN, engagement of 1864."

 Seems to me that the union gov is saying if you harm black soilders your POW will pay for it  not very civil HUH.   But to quote the man we are discussing "War means fighting and fighting means killing".

I am not a blood thirsty savage here just a realist to break this whole deal down to basics , if i put a sign in my front yard saying beware of dog and you come on my yard and im not around, so my dog bites you, I warned you. That is what these 2 groups were doing here. Course my wife says I am a redneck that over simplifies things.

And I am not taking anything personally here  except one thing my ID is YoungLobo not YoungBlood :D Young meanin im 36 lobo= souix translation for wolf



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