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 Posted: Fri Feb 23rd, 2007 04:56 pm
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The foul mood of his men is also understandable but Forrest should have been in touch with that mood and supervised his men better to make sure they did not get out of control. 
Both agree and disagree Aggie (that's a compliment). The commander is responsible but cannot always control his troops to the degree that he might want. That's as applicable to Forrest and the occasional excesses of his troops as it is to Sherman and his progress through Georgia. Each was responsible, but neither had the total control we'd like to imagine they should have. Get up a couple hunderd men with muskets and, at some point, they are lost to you. It becomes a mob and follows a different drummer.

To condemn Forrest, or Sherman, is to ignore reality. There is a point at which ultimate control ceases. We can assign responsibility and imagine a perfect world, but that ain't gonna happen.

More rambling. Ole

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