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 Posted: Sat Feb 24th, 2007 04:37 pm
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E Pluribus Unum

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It's always interesting to see where these posts will branch off to.

When Col. Shaw of the 54th Mass. was killed, the Confederates buried his body next to his black soldiers.  When his father heard of his burial place he said,

"The poor benighted wrenches thought they were heaping indignities upon his dead body; but the act recoils upon them.  We can imagine no holier place than which he is." 

Captain W. McCarty of the 78th Ohio was catured during the July 22nd battle of Atlanta.  The following is from his writings speaking of his imprisonment...

"This hospital was in charge of G. R. C. Todd, a brother-in-law of President Lincoln. The doctor was an ardent rebel, and one incident occurred there which I shall not soon forget. A colored prisoner, belonging to a Massachusetts regiment, who had been taken at Fort Wagner, was accused by the guard of spitting from the portico of the building down into the yard, and without any investigation whatever, the doctor caused him to be stripped and tied, and receive thirty lashes on his naked back. The indignation of our sick prisoners was intense at this brutal treatment inflicted by the hand of a man far inferior to the negro, for the latter could read and write, while the other could do neither, and could scarcely tell his name. The negro was a prisoner of war, born and educated in a free State, and he was entitled to the same protection and treatment that we were, and the doctor could assign no other reason for his violation of the rules of warfare, than that the boy was a "d—d ni--er." But perhaps the doctor will apply for pardon now."

I started this post knowing that it would most certainly break off into a tangent of racial situations.  Not wanting to heat things up but rather learn from these incidents.  I find Forrest a very intense person to study and I am impressed with the many discussions from you all that have stemmed because of him.


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