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 Posted: Mon Feb 26th, 2007 04:06 am
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I guess we cannot condem the relic hunters of the past as if they did not relic hunt we would have few things to look at.  Relic hunting in most cases started right after the battle left the area. Townsfolk would run out and grab anything they could from the area as a momento of the battle. In today's world there is little room for relic hunting as most things that were visible at one time are not now. Relic hunting should be done the right way and by the right people. You are always going to have people who visit Civil War battlefields and grab a rock or a stone or a piece of wood but in reality those things probably were not there during the battle anyway. I have seen people grab loose chunks of rocks from Devils Den and stuff them in thier pockets and although it urks me there is no way of stopping it as long as the Park lets people climb all over the rocks and people let thier kids destroy our past. I think if someone owns a property that a battle has taken place on and they want to relic hunt on it well then let them relic hunt. There is no way to stop that. But if it is a part of the park owned battlefield then let the relic hunting to the experts and save the finds for history....



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