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 Posted: Sat Mar 3rd, 2007 05:27 am
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But this is probably true of any Civil War personality...Lincoln, Davis, Grant. Lee, Sherman, Jackson.

I've never heard any topic about the merits of Grant, Sherman, or Jackson as combat commanders turn to a discussion about race relations (relating to these men and african americans, other than a small reference or two). Forrest, on the other hand, has always been controversal...

No, this is something new. As Shelby Foote noted, men both north and south seemed to admire men like Lee and others in confederate service (this is not universally true of course, but more this than villified) during and after the war. 

Much is made about the "lost cause" proponents on boards like this. While this view may prevent a fully objective view on history, how much worse is the "PC" crowd that labels one a racist for simply mentioning any aspect of men like Lee in a favorable light?

This is the attitude I am concerned about. Don't think it exists? Go to some of my sisters classes then in Ithaca NY, and watch as children are brainwashed that anyone who admires or speeks in a postitive way about any sothern general is racist. History is being revised far more by people like this today than by "lost cause" proponents. Hey, while you're at it, ask two or three of those same professors how U.S. Marines in Iraq are no better than the D.C. serial killers.

This has gotten way off last post was about how far off topic we had gone (the initial post was about Forrests merits as a combat officer), and here I am perpetuatiing it...oh well...

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