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 Posted: Sat Mar 3rd, 2007 02:09 pm
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"I've never heard any topic about the merits of Grant, Sherman, or Jackson as combat commanders turn to a discussion about race relations (relating to these men and african americans, other than a small reference or two). Forrest, on the other hand, has always been controversal..."

Much is made about the "lost cause" proponents on boards like this. While this view may prevent a fully objective view on history, how much worse is the "PC" crowd that labels one a racist for simply mentioning any aspect of men like Lee in a favorable light?

This is the attitude I am concerned about. Don't think it exists? Go to some of my sisters classes then in Ithaca NY, and watch as children are brainwashed that anyone who admires or speeks in a postitive way about any sothern general is racist. History is being revised far more by people like this today than by "lost cause" proponents. Hey, while you're at it, ask two or three of those same professors how U.S. Marines in Iraq are no better than the D.C. serial killers

It's common fodder of many of the modern Lost Cause to call Lincoln, Sherman & Grant racists, tyrants etc.  Sherman doubtless was.  In shallow attempts to discredit everything "Northern" & often US.  As a mod on another board I watched several modern Lost Causers spend 2+ years espouseing everything CS as purer than the driven snow in that time four of these, individuals, never once said a positive thing about the North or the US in fact they went to great extents to slander all who ever wore the blue.

That particular board never censors anything unless it involves obvious flaming, cursing or Spam w/ a mod team that has a strict hands off policy towards censorship. As soon as they reliazed they were gaining no converts there became a concious and purposeful effort to shut down the board via mass hate mail, charges of bias, censorship and other outright lies about the owners and mod team.  That is the modern Lost Cause at its finest.  They are the kind of people that never let history get in the way of their story.  That is the rewriting of history I see courtesty of the Lost Cause.

They are often the same people I have seen or read about at Anti-War/anti US demonstrations or bragging about membership to the League of the South or kkk...  Ironic that many in the radical PC crowd are merely the flipside of the same coin.  THey aren't interested in truth or history, merely their own agenda.

The rewriting of history courtesy of the modern Liberal movement is no less insidious or despicable than that of the Lost Cause; the difference is simply that it is a more competantly done job.  Great authors such as Stephen Ambrose and Shelby Foote have noted the concious movement.

But as to the danger of the Lost Cause... who would dare to question the competance of the great Bobby Lee?  or that Genl Lee w/ a one legged Sgt and forty naked Confederate Privates for 4 years against hordes of evil yanks.   Would you ever have heard of little places Vicksburg, Shiloh, Atlanta etc w/out an interest in the CW.  Why it was all about Lee and his one loss at Gettysburg don't ya know!  There was the ANV & the AoP see... they fought the whole war and decided the fate of the war!  A lacadasical education system, the Lost Cause and the PC crowd have created their own version of history that has little foundation in actual research.

"PC crowd" & the Lost Cause Crowd?  Equally despicable and neither w/ any grounding in actual historical research.  Flipsides of the same bad penny that keeps cropping up.

As to professors who say such... I do love how they lack the intestinal fortitude to praise terrorists as their true heros.  But as an aside is a Lost Causer who spends his whole life highlighting every negative (real or invented)  ever done by the US any better?

Now can we get back to Forrest and his merits and flaws... I once heard he used to pick his nose... uncouth charachter no doubt!  ;)

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