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 Posted: Sun Mar 4th, 2007 12:30 am
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Actually Quantrill and his raiders where a mixture of a terrorist and a hero. Missouri was mostly a prosouthern state...It was the St. Louis Area which got most of the Unionist..I'll avoid saying Yank as much as possible.

One reason why Lawrence, KS. Burned to the ground and several hundred men and boys over 13 died is because it was an act of revenge from the burning of Osceola, Missouri by the Red legs and the Jayhawkers...(Wonder why KU is called the Jayhawks...that mostly explains it.) But the Jayhawkers and Red legs where a also making trouble. Its always the victor who tells the story. My family rode and died with Quantrill and the Missouri State Guard( Missouri Brigade) during the War of Northern Aggression Or one of the umpteen million names you wanna call it.

And both side was good and evil...

I'm from a prodominate southern family.. I do agree Slavery is wrong..but it didn't make a difference then.

But In a way Quantrill was a hero and a Tyrant. But his 2nd in Command was the one that makes the Bushwackers *Raiders* sound evil.

Not to mention with him attacking Lawrence resulted General Order # 11. Which Yanks forced my family from Jackson,Bates,Cass, and Vernon Counties in Missouri of all inhabiatants cept the Major Cities in the Counties.

Which is the first of two orders that forced US Citizens from there homes at time of War.

But yes he was a Hero...and a Tyrant...depending on how will you know Missouri and its people. In my opinon he's a hero but he's also a tyrant in a way.

And yes. I will argue this subject. I am very will educated in Missouri History...

But its the winner of the war who tells the story...not the loser...

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