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 Posted: Mon Mar 5th, 2007 05:10 am
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JDC Duncan


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Two quick comments:

On "Ride With The Devil" - I enjoyed this movie very much. Ang Lee is an interesting director and the film was beautifully shot.  Also filmed in Northern Arkansas.  One of my cousins and his re-enacting unit were extras - I received half a dozen VCR tapes of the movie, and later a box of DVDs from him.  He was kinda proud.

And the University of Kansas mascot is the "Jayhawk" - by definition a bird, but by tradition a reference to "Jayhawkers".  I've often wondered why the NCAA has not demanded KU change their mascot and symbols, as they've demanded of Ole Miss and Mississippi State, and any school with an "offensive" "Indian" reference.

One more, on topic:  I try to avoid any type of moral judgement of these men.  It is difficult due to distance of time & space to truly understand their thinking and motivations - we view their actions thru our modern moral microscope.  I will not speak ill of any actor in The War, on either side; for one thing, I do not measure up to the least of them.




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