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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2007 01:41 am
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David White wrote: Stuart kicks his tail, Ashby had some issues and was not as smart or qualified as Stuart.

But what if Ashby had survived even with his "issues" and had also been at Gettysburg helping out Stuart or helping out Lee while Stuart was on his side exploit?  Lee needed "eyes and ears" and maybe Ashby could have provided them while Stuart captured a lengthy wagon train, etc.

Ashby might have been of assistance at the East Cavalry Field as well.

But these things are so speculative because they do assume that ALL other things would have been exactly as they were except for the one thing we are discussing. I mean if Ashby had survived but every single other thing had remained exactly as it was in history both on the Union and the Confederate sides. It is kind of a "Twilight Zone" exercise, but alternative history can be fun too.

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