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 Posted: Wed Mar 28th, 2007 03:45 am
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I have never sustained a 3 rds a minute rate of fire; never felt the need or inclination while live firing.  I have put around 40 rds through my Euroarms M1841 w/ no real fouling issue.  About thirty through my Armi-Sport Enfield when I had it.  IIRC I sent most of seventy rounds down range w/ my Parker Hale before significant fouling.  By that time my shoulder was getting sore, I was tired of walking back and forth to the target and I was ready to go home.

That said I was using properly lubed bullets and was not rapid firing but shooting 5 round strings.  There is considerably more fouling when firing blanks than live rounds.  And considerably more still w/ a smoothbore firing buck and ball.

Many of the accounts of the Civil War referencing severe fouling was: A. w/ a considerably higher rate of fire and poorer quality lube.  B. referencing smoothbores.  W/ mine I note noticeable fouling buildup beginning at about 20 rds, it never really became serious w/ any of my three shooters.  However, I attained the best accuracy after the first string when enough fouling had accured to create a good tight fit for the Minnie.

I fire a standard 60 grain 2 F charge behind a Lyman minnie of the same patttern as the original.

Others mileage may vary.

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