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 Posted: Thu Mar 29th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Old Sorrel wrote: the Gettysburg casino idea was a disgrace. It needed to be defeated, and thank god it did.

As far as Gettysburg getting more of the attention,,, well it should because it gets more of the vistors. I was out west on my honeymoon in Sept. We went to Tenn. We visited Shiloh and was very imprest with its natural beauty. But when we visited places closer to Nashville, those battlefields were worse off. I did talk to a ranger at the Stones River Battlefield about the lack of presevation in this area. He replied in short, that there was no local interest from the people or its govn't.

So with that said, dont blame the CWPT because the locals in certain areas dont stand up and demand from their politions that their history be saved. Gettysburg was saved because a group of citizens stood up and made there voices heard and started a group to stop that casino.

Maybe some of you in your respective areas should start your own grassroots org. to help save our history. And for those of you that rip the CWPT,,,  how many of you are members? If not maybe you should put your money where your mouth is and help.

The CWPT deserves all of our gratitude. They have helped save thousands of achers of battlefield land. Without them,, there sure as heck would be alot more parking lots trampling our history where men fought and died for us.



Well said.

Not sure the glass half-empty crowd will take it to heart.

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