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 Posted: Fri Mar 30th, 2007 04:38 pm
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David White wrote:

It is all lip service and no action on the part of CWPT


I think 24,000 acres is a little more than lip service my friend. They cant save everything. They rate battlefields of importance.  They have a section on their web site about ratings,,, ill try to find it.

 The original poster is correct they are concentrating on the east because they see that as most endangered.  All well and good but not enough foresight IMO, because you end up paying Slaughter Pen prices for everything,

They should be concentrating more on the east because the eastern part is experiencing record sprawl. If the CWPT doesnt concentrate on the east more,, more battlefields would be lost at a greater rate than they would in the west. Unfortunitly land out here is very expensive(Slaughter Pen Prices)

where if you spread it out and acquired land before it is about to be developed you would get more bang for your buck

Yeah, only if the owner of that land is willing to sell it cheaper. Most farmers want the $$$$$ because they know they can get it. That is why the fed. gov. and local gov. are creating programs for farmers who keep their land historical. Until farmers are willing to take part in those programes,,,, the CWPT'S hands are tied and are forced to pay the price.

 My problem is the Mansfield revenues are buying Virginia land at the Slaughter Pen while Mansfield disappears and for that I am very angry.

I get your frustration, but dont blame the CWPT. Blame your local politicians. And local land owners.

 Doesn't this apply to the good folks in Virginia, most of the local authorities are the same no matter what their locale, they are looking at tax dollars and easy revenue versus strategically (sounds like the CWPT doesn't it?).  Doesn't matter if they are in VA, LA, TX or any of the 47 others.

All the politicians are the same, yes $$$$$$$$$$$$$ tax money. I do know the CWPT tries to preach using land to generate tourist dollars instead of tax revenue.

I think we all agree that the CWPT has done alot to preserve our battlefields. Imagin if the CWPT didn't exsist. Imagine 24,000 acres and counting lost forever to greedy development. We do support the CWPT, not for them, not for any Gov., not for me, not for anybody,,, its for the men that died on those battlefields, its for their sacrifice that I do it. Im not saying the Cwpt is perfect,, but think about what would happen if they weren't here. What would our future generations have left to see? Probably nothing. Lets get behind them and help keep our history.


PS: I dont work for them. Honest,,,,I dont.

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