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 Posted: Fri Mar 30th, 2007 07:37 pm
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My lip service comment was only in reference to Mansfield, the CWPT does do good things.  But in fact, they are using Mansfield.  If Mansfield were compared to a battered child, CWPT would be like some not for profit for the placement of battered children taking the pictures of the battered child and using his face to raise money for their cause and then when the kids says save me from my father, gets told, “We can’t help you until your father is arrested, then we’ll place you in foster care.”  So the kid says help me get him arrested and they reply, “Oh that’s not our charter.”   


Yes Lighthizer told us a year ago we buy land we don’t get involved in other preservation activities, come back when you have land to buy.  Okay well and good; we accepted that response.  But then the Gettysburg Casino thing happens and Lighthizer is all over that spending money and getting his face in the news because, yes, it’s popular.  No land to procure there but CWPT was all over it-- two faced again IMO.  But what do you expect from a career politician and media hound?  Don’t get me wrong, I do support them, minimally now.  My heart on this issue almost made me totally abandon them but my brain talked myself out of it.  I have an annual budget for CW preservation and CWPT just gets less of it because I want to direct the money toward the “battered child” who CWPT won’t help.  Yes, we’ve explained our displeasure to them but not in terms of this is why I’m not giving more.  If they ask, I’ll tell them, but I don’t expect them to ask and I don’t believe in playing that silly game anyway.  Besides I’m too small of a fish in their pond anyway.


Popular is not always correct, just look at American Idol and the Ponyhawk Kid (BTW, I don’t watch but hear stories ;)).  If popularity is the basis for setting the standard on anything, we’re lost in so many ways.  We could have the Krick-McMurry debate here (which I’ve seen and it is a sight) or I could tell you how Mansfield is one of the most critical battles of the war and has a more direct affect on today’s world than the Slaughter Pen or any battle in the east for that matter.  The affects of what happened at Mansfield on the post war migration patterns and economy of this country were tremendous.  Just because the general masses haven’t heard of it, doesn’t diminish its importance.  Just watch one episode of  Jay Walking on the Leno show will point out the fallacy of relying on  the general masses to set the correct standard.  Shame on you for even making that argument!  Besdies, the general masses probably don’t know about the Slaughter Pen either (and probably not even Little Round Top for that matter).


The mining company does not own the land but has long term leases with the poor people who own the land.  The only way we stop them is through a Clean Water Act violation or if they are desecrating soldier’s graves as we suspect.  A court injunction is the only way to get to the point where we can buy land because the mining company ignores anything else.  The grass roots organization, which needs my money much more than CWPT, is trying to do all that.


My giving for CW preservation used to be more national in scope, now it is more localized.  I gave to the Central Virginia Battlefield Trust for the Slaughter Pen so I find that a worthy project (enough money that they send me their semi-annual magazine).  I’m just jaded by this "the east is best and west is less" attitude that seems to even prevail on this board.

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