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 Posted: Thu Apr 5th, 2007 04:34 pm
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We don't even know if he saw the land, he might have bought it sight unseen but he did travel to San Antonio quite a bit while he was stationed in Texas so he might have.  I'm guessing it was just a real estate investment on his part and he was just smarter than Phil Sheridan and recognized the greatness that is Texas ;).

What I wrote is about what is known, no name, no plans, no use in his lifetime. 

Of course this is close to San Antonio with all of it's great history and sites-- The Alamo, San Fernando Cathedral (where Santa Anna raised the flag of no quarter and the ashes of the Alamo defenders are located), three more terrific and beautiful missions, Ft. Sam Houston where you can still see the old fort and the tower from which Geronimo leaped in an attempt to escape that gave rise to the airborne cry of "Geronimo!"  Near La Vallita you can still see the  Cypress Tree that a Mexican sniper was sitting in when he shot Ben Milam, the only casualty of the December 1835 Texian assault that captured the Alamo from General Cos.  In La Vallita you can see the Vermandi House site where he was killed (the home of Jim Bowie's in-laws) and the old door to the house is at the Alamo where you can still see the bullet hole made by the musket ball that passed through Milam's head.  Of course the closest tourista sites to the old Lee property is the former Fiesta Texas, now Six Flags and Sea World, which are just mintues away. 

Even closer is the Helotes rubbish pile, which I hear is quite a site in itself but I haven't seen it yet ;) and Government Canyon State Recreation Area, which is due west of the property by only a few miles.

Other rural pursuits are available at nearby Bandera (Cowboy Capital of the World, or at least one of 20 towns inthe world that claim that title) and along the Medina River.

While you were at Ft. McKavett, did you swing by Menard to see the old Spanish Presidio and canals?  That is pretty interesting to see and know this was all built by them so far out on the frontier long before San Antonio was even founded.

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