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 Posted: Fri Apr 6th, 2007 12:51 am
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David White wrote, about what would have happened if the CWPT hadn't acted,Brandy Station would be racetrack.
Yes, the Brandy Station Foundation was very grateful for the CWPT's help.  More land has been bought recently.  By the way, David, you would be pleased to see that Culpeper County is still rural and stunningly pretty, even though there are pressures creeping west from Fredericksburg.

One of the members of my Bull Run RT has taken high-level officials on walking tours of the Brandy Station battlefields, including Fleetwood Hill.  I mean congressmen, the Secretary of the Interior, the Director of the NPS.

Another member of the RT has taken the Fairfax County Supervisors on a walking tour of the historic part of Centreville.  Their reactions were "I had no idea this was here!" 

As for Lighthizer's being a politician, seems to me that the preservation community NEEDS somebody with the skills and contacts to deal with Capitol Hill and the Department of Interior.  Let's face it, our little Friends of xxx and county historical societies are shoestring operations depending on a few dedicated volunteers.  No clout, no money.

An umbrella organization, working at the national level, can have a much greater effect than many small local groups.

I agree with the posts that ultimately it's up to the local citizens to save their heritage.  If they're not convinced of its value, then no amount of outside money can save it.  How can we convince anybody of that when Civil War history is barely mentioned in the school curriculum?  Even in Virginia, for pete's sake!

Susan, step in here, you've got plenty to say about that.


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