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 Posted: Fri Apr 6th, 2007 03:12 am
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Gee Patty put me on the spot. Yes I do have some opinions on this.  In California the Civil War is now part of the 8th grade curriculum .  I have not sat in on an 8th grade class so don't know how indepth they do go.  I do know that UCLA has a Civil War curriculum that includes several classes.  Joan Waugh a professor there in the history department spoke to our Round Table about Lowell  this past year. 

Teachers are required to teach so many things and everyone has their pet subject that they want to have taught.  I know at one time I was told that the leaders in Sacramento had pasted a law that flossing should be taught in schools. 

I served on I think six  text book selection committees for Social Studies in my 30 year career teaching.  My main interest , was first grade of course but I did listen to all the presentations.  Parents on the committee had their agendas, teachers had theirs.  You must teach this, you can't teach that, We should teach this.  It is crazy and always ends up a compromise. 

That said I was told this week end the Academic Decathalon this year will focus on the Civil War !!! yahoo. 

As to preservation  it takes all of us every minute and cent we can muster to keep the  assassins of the hallowed ground from being destroyed.  We need politicians, trusts , hardworking grassroots groups , all of us together to stop "progress"

I attended a dinner with the chief of staff (not sure that is the right term) for a local congressman.   I don't agree with his politics at all , but he supports the Civil War  preservation.  I never said a negative word at the meeting .  He is now our connection in Washington.  Visits the Drum when he is in town even.  

We all need to work together and not fight between each other.  Present a solid front. 

It was a school teacher that saved the Drum,  got people interested and involved.  She helped to save the only Civil War building left in Los Angeles area, actually in all of Southern California .  There are sites in Northern California.

Geeze I did go on there, Stepping down off my soap box now. 


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