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 Posted: Sat Apr 7th, 2007 10:26 pm
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Patty we discovered the Civil War about the same time ,  I saw that sign on my first trip that said Pea Ridge, I turned in and was hooked.  Took a class at the high school and set off again the next year to see as much as possible.  Came home to a reeneactment in our local park on Labor Day.  I walked up and there was a booth Civil War Round Table and Drum Barracks.  I said to them I have been looking for you and didn't know you were here. I wrote a check that day to join the round table , I have only missed one meeting since then.  That was three years ago.  From there I join the book group at the Drum, then became a docent .  I subscirbe to all the magazines, and now also am a Daughter of Union and Confederate vets.  What a change in five years.  I too marvel at the extent of the group.  Now I look forward to the trivia here and this board.  I feel like I have friends in all different places that enjoy learning about the War as much or more than I do.  I would love to see Johan and Steve Cone  reenact ,Visit Shiloh and Corinth with Cal Cav, Visit JDC at the fort where he is a docent now. Tour battle fields  with you .  etc etc.  I know I have skipped some people Ole , Joanie  Cleburne Fan, Fuller .  All of you and more.  You all add to my day when I read your posts .  Sometimes we are silly sometimes very serious.  I have learned so much from all of you.  I am looking forward to many more post from all. 

Now about that trivia question yesterday.  I was up all night looking for the answer  That was a good one.,  nice thing is I am retired I can do that. 


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