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 Posted: Wed Jan 4th, 2006 02:17 pm
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Hi Mark,

I would say "Hey Cuz!" because I too as it happens have a Honaker ancestor. However I am not sure you would be too thrilled to claim a relationship since he fought for the Union. :)

My  (hmm, let me count fingers here...he was my maternal grandmother's grandfather so...) great-great grandfather was Benjamin Honaker. I am not into genealogy at all so all I know of the family is what Grandma told me, and that name was about it.

I know he joined the 4th Ohio as I have a photocopy of the 1890 Census record indicating same. (In a display of ingenuity, he joined up REAL quick when the war started so was in the original, 3-month 4th OH. Displaying great skills at self-preservation he declined to reenlist when they converted to the 3 year regiment. Given all that unit went through, this decision probably results in me being here today.)

Several years ago we were poking around some genealogy boards and found an indication that a Benjamin Honaker had come out of Virginia to join in Ohio, so I assume that is what would today be West Virginia. Is that where your Honakers are from? If you have any Benjamins in your records I would be interested to hear about them. Unfortunately the copy I have is only of the "Special Schedule: Surviving Soldiers, Sailors..." etc, which has the military records ("Pvt, Co. H, 4 OH") but not details like date of birth.  He wound up in the far northwest corner of Missouri after the war, as a farmer.

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