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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Note these are gathered from multiple sources and some of my opinons your welcome to correct me if you wish.



 William Clarke Quantrill-Gureilla Captain of Bushwackers from the Blue Springs Area. Responsible for the Masacre of Lawrance, Kansas. After Sterling Prices Raid fell heand his famous band put on Yankee Uniforms and jumped the Mississippi. He was in route to assassainate President Lincoln but Booth Beat him to it. Also hearing about General Robert E Lee's surrendered ordered to disband and surrender. Killed in Kentucky. He personally killed about 140 people.

"Bloody" Bill Anderson-  Lt. of Quantrill. Relatives of his were arrested for aiding rebels and taken to prision in Kansas City the Jail collasped killing all but 1 I believe. Which made Bloody Bill go on a rampage and kill. Was killed before the War ended.

Frank and Jessie James- Rode with Quantrill and his Raiders. And where later in the the famous James- Younger Gang. Also Cole Younger was with them most of the time.

General Joesph Shelby- One of the most beloved Confederate Generals of Missouri... Also is known as the "Never Surrendered General" Instead of surrendering his flag he sank it with rocks in the buttom of the Rio Grande River in Mexico when he retreated. (My favorite Calvary Commander Before Nathan B. Forrest and JEB Stuart)

Cleborne Jackson- Exiled Governor of Missouri. Was pro Southern... Also organised the Missouri State Miltia into the State Guard to rebel against Nathaniel Lyons.

Sterling Price- General of the Missouri State Guard Troops and former Governor of Missouri. Made his desperate last attempt to capture Missouri for the Confederacy and was defeated at Westport...forcing him to retreat to Arkansas and back to Mississippi. Went to Richmond and tried to convence Jeff Davis to send a Corps to Missouri... But No.

Francis M. Cockrell - From Warrensburg became a Lawyer then became a captain in the Missouri State Guard(MSG) then rose to Colonel and took charge of the Missouri Brigade. "The South's Finest Troops Leader" Who's Missourians where the Rear guard for every single major Trans Mississippi Department retreat. Who litterally made Grant pissed as hell. The saved the day at Kennesaw Mountain, GA for the Confederacy.

My favorite General personally...



Jim Lane- Leader of the Jayhawkers (Hence the Lawrance(Kansas University) Jayhawks.) who led multiple raids and raided and pillaged Missouri burn Oceala, Missouri to the ground killing any men and boys he and his band found. Basically Quantrill and Lane tried to hunt and kill each other down most of the war.


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