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 Posted: Tue May 1st, 2007 01:40 am
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Thank you Geezer. I visit these boards to learn something about the Civil War. I do enjoy slipping off in discussions of grits and stuff, now and then, but The CW has a claim on my time. No matter how much I read, someone has read something else, or the same thing, and has a different take on what I think the evidence indicates. It's a way to tap into books I haven't read and thoughts I haven't considered. A shortcut, if you will, into more learning than I can get in reading a book or two about it.

As I know virtually nothing about AS Johnston and his magnificent "seniority." I started there, hoping that such a discussion would evolve into some activity. Your input, and that of CalCav would help.

Just thinkin' out loud.


By the way, CalCav, Mobile96 and I will be looking you up in Corinth or Shiloh sometime during the weekdays preceding muster. Gonna pin your arms back and grille you something fierce. Might work up a time to meet.

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