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 Posted: Tue May 1st, 2007 06:35 pm
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The CWPT has cut and is in the process of installing a 10-12' wide bike path through the heart of the 3rd Winchester battlefield. They are "paving" it with black gravel and have cut through a stand of woods, across a stream and up the other side. In addition they are "strip mining" other parts of the battlefield for dirt for the project.
When I asked the COO of the CWPT about it he defended the project and then accused me of trespassing!
In a reply from the president of the CWPT he stated it was being done with the co-operation of a local bike club!
I thought the idea was to protect and interpret. Not create some picnic grounds and bike  super highway!
Maybe someone in the area has more information or can get a straight answer from the COO.
My understanding is the requisite archaeology wasn't even done and the relic hunters have had a field day! :X

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