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 Posted: Tue May 1st, 2007 06:45 pm
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This is not good. Thanks for the report, T.N.

The CWPT had always impressed me with their stalwart stand about ANY intrusion, visible or ethical or physical, upon ACW land. Shame on those folks who let this happen. And shame on the COO for his flippant remarks in response to your concern and inquiry.

I just may have to find another recipient for my ACW preservation dollars. I'll have to press them on this issue!

Art in Tampa, FL

I found the group and they "brazenly" announce their "alliance" with CWPT. The group is known as the Winchester Wheelmen and here's a story on the bike path from their April newsletter [they didn't even spell their own name correctly on the web posting -- Wincehster Wheelmen].


>>[lead-in] Third Battle of Winchester Property
Mike Perry and Mark Hoyle continue to lead the charge in organizing efforts to get trails built on the CWPT property.  Look for an update in a separate item in this newsletter.

[this is the "separate item"]  3rd Battle of Winchester Update
As alluded to on page one, Mike Perry and Mark Hoyle are doing a lot of preparation and execution of work at the 3rd Battle of Winchester site.  All club members are encouraged to the visit the site and examine the work being done.  On Sunday, April 1st, there was an exploratory trip made.  Since that date, both Mike and Mark have been out to the site, laying out trails with surveying flags.  On Sunday, April 29th, there was a work party to get the trail building underway properly.  (Both Mike & Mark had done some preliminary work before this date.)  There were 9 people out to help cut the trails.  The terrain is interesting, and the trails are not difficult to cut, mainly just describing a path where there is debris and some small growth.  We’re joining deer paths and some older, previously established ATV or dirtbike trails.  Look for another work day in May on the WW listserv. <<


OMG, as my daughter types on her e-mails.

Art in Tampa, FL

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