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 Posted: Wed May 2nd, 2007 06:26 am
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"starts with p -- can't recollect the name"

popliteal?  Heehee -  earlier, I was going to say that "an arterial injury, such as one behind the knee", would explain it all.  However, I could only think of femoral artery, and I knew that weren't quite right.  Now that I have the time to look it up:

"In human anatomy, the popliteal artery is defined as the extension of the femoral artery after passing through the adductor canal and adductor hiatus above ..."

Not that this adds to the discussion except in a trivial manner.

But it explains a lot of the tragedy behind his death - this arterial bleed happened hard and fast, and his adrenaline, which would have covered the pain, would have been so up in battle he would not have noticed his injury until it was had bled profusely. Thus, it would have taken someone very skilled and quick when it comes to injury to remove his boot and find the source of the bleed, and then apply a tourniquet in an efficient and effective manner.  Poor ASJ, his adrenaline would not only cover the pain, but make the blood pump faster, encouraging him to bleed out.  And, brandy ( or any alcohal) thins blood; but I'm thinking that by the time his aide found and tried to administer it, The General was beyond drinking it. 

I'm guessing that between the time he was able to assimulate that he was wounded quite badly and the time he went into shock, followed by death, was not much at all.

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