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 Posted: Thu May 3rd, 2007 04:50 pm
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This is from Jim Campi of CWPT:

Thanks again for the opportunity to respond to the inquiries on the Civil War Interactive forum.  I see that Doug Brouder of CWPT responded as well, and likely answered most questions.
That being said, I want to assure your readers that we did have both the Department of the Interior and the state Department of Historic Resources involved in the process from the very beginning.  We also contracted with History Associates, Inc. (HAI) to produce the interpretive plan, and consulted with at least two additional historians on the project (this has become our standard procedure for all major interpretive projects).
One individual (from South Carolina -- sorry I don't know names!) remarked in a recent post that "Maybe I am reading this wrong and am too sensitive to this whole thing."  I want to assure that individual and others that CWPT really does appreciate their feedback and concerns.  We are a small organization and don't always get things right -- we need constructive criticism to make sure we do better the next time (and, hopefully, there will be plenty of additional land purchases by CWPT that will require further interpretation).  Plus, there is a lot of talent in the Civil War community (whether we are talking about historians, relic hunters, reenactors, or preservationists) and it would be just plain stupid not to keep our ears open for thoughtful suggestions.
Also, to address another question, we decided to get the local cycling group involved exactly because security is an issue -- we just don't have the staff resources to patrol the property without a local group with "mobility" (because of the strange shape of the property, bikes are almost a necessity for regular patrols).  We have also approached local law enforcement, and hope to get them more engaged.
And thank you to the individual who noted that local cooperation is vital to battlefield preservation -- truer words were never spoken!
To give folks a flavor of what we are trying to accomplish at Third Winchester, we have posted some images and a map up on our website.  I have attached the links below.  There are three images depicting the completed trail, a map showing what the completed trail will look like, and two examples of the interpretive signage that will be installed in the next few weeks.

Sometime soon (likely, June) we will officially unveil the completed trail.  I will be sure to send you the release announcing the opening -- hopefully, a few CWi forum readers will be able to attend.

Thanks again!  I hope this better explains the situation.



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