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 Posted: Fri May 4th, 2007 10:39 pm
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Indy when you are driving from California to the East Coast then up the East Coast visiting as many sites as you can you end up with weekends somewhere.  There was also the holidays at national parks . . . the park ranger with an automatic coming over to my van as I am in line to pay to park at Mr. Rushmore .  It was memorial day and threat level was high.  All the turn outs up to Mt. Rushmore were also blockaded.  Then there was the wand  after I failed the metal detector.   I had a bracelet on my wrist that didn't come off .  That the rings and the snaps on my shirt conspired to make the machine beep like crazy.  Not my favorite touring day. 

Back to Kennesaw I was amazed at people treating a battlefield like it was a public park.  I expected to run into picnicers any minute or a soccer or baseball game.  Needless to say I like visiting Wilson's Creek or  Saylor's Creek, Some of the battlefields around Richmond where at the time I was there I was the only one on the battlefield. Very few were at New Market also.  Actually my first visit to Shiloh I arrived at 5  so everyone was gone but me.  I did the same at the Wilderness Chancellorsville and Guiena Station.  Last September we were in the rain at Bentonville, now that wasn't as good as I didn't want to get ouf of the car it was pouring .  I have to go back there.  Don't laugh but one of my favorite battlefields is War of 1812 Chalmette Battle of New Oreleans.  By the time I saw the film, I was the only one watching it, and then went out to drive around the field I was the only one there.  So I put Johnny Horton in the CD player and drove around .  I just kept pushing replay and drove around stopping and looking .  No wonder Jackson and Lafitte won.  They had the barracades .  The British were marching across a flat field.

Does anyone that is down New Orleans way know is the Battlefield back in shape again?  It went under water , I did read the Beauregard plantation home was not damaged as it sat on higher ground but the park headquarters was totally damaged. 



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